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Michael Van Hout is well-known for his metalwork and sculptures, which are widely exhibited throughout the state. The Cameron Art Museum has hosted a corps of his giraffes and a zeal of his zebras; the education building and library at UNC-Wilmington are home to several of his aquatic installations; and two of the stateĀ“s aquariums feature his underwater creations, swimming right alongside the real thing. His installations are displayed on site at several area elementary schools-a map of the world at Forest Hills, sea life at Ogden, and a tree of life at Winter Park-as well as at the ChildrenĀ“s Museum of Wilmington and Airlie Gardens. A graduate of UNC-Greensboro, Michael has recently added the human form with an emphasis on portrait heads and seated figures to his subject matter. He is a full-time studio artist with space at ACME Art, and his work is exhibited at several galleries throughout the state.

Michael van Hout