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Mary Zio

 “There are no rules. Let the picture lead you where it must go”.  Helen Frankenthaler
I like to describe myself as a contemporary, abstract expressionist. With infinite appreciation for artists who work in realism, I choose to work in a style unbound by the rules of realism. Abstract art, to me, is freedom. Freedom of color, form, movement, emotion and the interpretation of subject matter in anyway that expresses that moment in time while I’m painting. This is what ‘abstract’ means to me. To interpret an artwork by different means, the feeling you get, what it may be, the mystery of what the artist was thinking while painting it, all these things make abstract art so interesting to me.

I have been an artist for as long as I remember, preferring the solitude of drawing, painting, or creating in one form or another. I graduated from Purchase College in 1989, with a degree in Fine Art.
Majoring in Printmaking.  I studied all forms of studio art, with such inspirational artists as Leonard Stokes, Margot Lovejoy, and Murray Zimiles. I acquired further art training through a two year internship with the renowned artist, Bruce Bleach. 

Over the years, my work has been displayed and sold in numerous galleries and shops throughout New York State and North Carolina, where I now reside. The beauty and diversity of North Carolina has become an endless source of inspiration in my work, and can be seen in my ‘Land, Sky, & Sea Inspired “ paintings.