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Jonathan's medium of choice is watercolor. A water color painting is a unique type of painting. It’s a journey, like life, always forward, little time to contemplate decisions. Going back never lives up to expectations and only brings gloom. This is especially true in watercolors. No do over’s on the same paper. It’s a dance between colors both light and dark, always onward, painted from the light towards the dark to find the right.

His goal is to connect in a profound way with other individuals and share an experience that is unique to each. "Glimpse a world apart from ones own and live in it for a moment. To be in the scene not on it. The best paintings combine as well as create light, color, composition, music, dance, poetry, still and film photography in a captured moment that more than endures it actually grows in its mystery and beauty with every encounter one has with it. This visual and emotional and subconscious feeling can be quite powerful. Hopefully it will create a moment in time that can take your breath away. This is my goal."

Jonathan Summit