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Janette Hopper

Janette's artist statement:  My work stems from a close observation of nature on location.  I believe that the artist must have a deep experience of and connection with what she paints.  This connection cannot come from looking at photos.  While looking at the landscape and photographing it can help the memory when doing studio painting and distills experiences, it cannot replace taking the time to immerse oneself on location.  All of the observations come back to the act of painting, this is not copying but letting the hand flow from your source and putting that into the media.  Often the viewer recognizes something in the work, it is not about an accurate rendition of a location but rather a sense of place. 

About Janette:  Janette is a retired professor and lifelong artist with a MFA from the University of Oregon, who is the recipient of two prestigious Fulbright Scholarships, one from Denmark and one from the United States.  She has taught in Denmark, Germany and the United States.  Her work has been shown and collected extensively in museums, public venues, colleges and universities and in private galleries nationally and internationally in Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, and Denmark.