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Jane has shown in Lincoln Center, Times Square, the Louvre, Museum of Computer Art, Mint Museum, Cameron Museum of Art, Fayetteville Museum of Art, World Festival of Art on Paper (Slovenia) and has a piece of art in the Library of Congress.

Jane has worked 3 dimensionally in found objects, clay and sculptural stained glass as well as 2-dimensionally in drawing, painting and groundbreaking digital media. She now mixes all of that experience into rich visual stories about things she is passionate about.

“Being a creative requires being somewhat fearless. Unafraid to

make something new and so different no one understands what it

is.” Jane was taught by John Mandel and influenced by Douglas

Huebler and John Baldessari, all at Cal Arts, to never repeat what

has been done, to do new art. Arthur Turner at the Glassell School

of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, taught her to try multiple

mediums, to keep the creative ideas flowing.

Her new studio is in Stuart, recently having moved out of MASS

art district in Fort Lauderdale. She is currently working on several

series including Singapore Botanika, Reflections and her newest,

Erosion using a varied mixture of pencil, charcoal, acrylics,

watercolor and digital.

She is a licensed boat captain and lived on a boat on a boat with her husband and their dog. They have settled in Stuart and she now has a beautiful studio in their home. Jane is inspired each day by what swims, floats or sails by. She has a profound respect for water. She watches how the water moves, how it sculpts shorelines as well as deposits sand or takes it away.

“I am passionate about the planet, especially the wet parts. I have a profound respect for the power of water and wind.”

Jane Baldridge