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Courtney was drawing before she was speaking and sewing before she was reading, and she still loves to MAKE STUFF way past her bedtime.   As a little girl she became, and is still, intrigued by the meditative process of stitching.  She enjoy the precision -- moving one stitch this way or that creates an entirely different effect.  Her hand-stitched pieces merge sewing with drawing, painting, and poetry.  She draws the image with needle and thread rather than pencil, and then enhance the piece with touches of paint and text.

Courtney Shelton earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and her Master of Arts from the University of Manchester, England.  She has exhibited at the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center in Michigan, and throughout North Carolina, including solo shows at the NPR Gallery and Independent Art Company. She was reviewed in Focus on the Coast magazine and Wilmington Star, and featured in Atlanta magazine.  Courtney is currently represented at All About Art in North Carolina, and lives in Virginia with her husband and wee ones. 

Courtney Shelton