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Barb Scalia

Born in 2/2/1936, a child of winter, in St. Paul, MN, Barbara from the age of five lived with her grandparents in a flat on Ramsey Hill.....the same neighborhood where Zelda & Scott Fitzgerald once lived.  Her surroundings were humble and life was hard.  Her parents suffered from the ravages of alcoholism and were absent from her life for the most part.

The disease of alcoholism hit Barbara in her early teens causing her premature departure from high school and a marriage entered into too soon.  She had five children and was divorced with no means of support.  She struggled to survive as a single parent.  Her final blow came with the death of a daughter from brain cancer.  She hit bottom - spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  Alcoholism had its way with her....

The clouds parted and Barbara knew a brief moment of clarity on a November day.  She made the decision to live.  She surrendered and rested her case against the world and God.  Her passion to self-destruct was replaced by a passion to paint. Her paintings show images of her past life - such as “Bar Flies”, drawn from her memories of the characters in the bars where she received her education on the seedy side of life.

Barbara now lives a life of sobriety in Wilmington. She cares for her two grandchildren, Casey & Catlin - two joyful noises.  Barbara has a circle of friends who are also in recovery.  Their love and support help serve as reminders of where she came from, and she is grateful for every sober breath she takes.